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Real Estate marketing ideas are a dime a dozen. Real estate marketing implementation however, is an entirely different topic. How do you simplify it?  Templates, email, social media, landing pages, websites mailers, networking events and more are all key pieces of being a successful real estate agent. The goal, as you grow your personal brand, is to have marketing systems in place that generate leads. From there, those leads turn into clients which generate income for your business. Now that you got one, how do you repeat that?  How do you do it again, but faster or easier?

The NON-Existent Magic Bullet

You hear all sorts of different people promising the “simple trick” or “THE solution” to simplify real estate marketing. If you’re being honest with yourself, there is no such thing. The target for successful real estate marketing is always changing. How do you keep up? What do you use? How do you juggle all of the marketing needs that you have and make sure that you don’t drop the ball on one of dozens of items? Amarki is a platform that can do exactly that for you.  

One of Amarki’s Goals – Simplify Real Estate Marketing

At Amarki we’re on a mission to simplify real estate marketing with our process for realtors and real estate brokers alike. Ultimately we hope to drive a platform that simplifies the amount of work an individual does to market their listings. With the current status of real estate marketing there are dozens of tools, platforms and printers that are more than happy to let you use their system. Instead of recreating the wheel, like so many have, Amarki has built and is continuing to increase the offerings of a system that integrates the necessary tools into one spot. MLS RETS feed, CRM, email service and other coming options will be accessible through the platform. 

Integration is a bad word in so many industries. It’s considered cumbersome, expensive or not feasible. Amarki is changing that experience.  Would having one centralized marketing system that integrates with all of your necessary tools change your world?  I’m betting it would!  From here, the integrated systems and feeds not only land in one spot but also auto-populate and trigger events to complete your marketing tasks.

Campaigns – it’s that easy to simplify your marketing!

What defines a marketing campaign in real estate? There are several different types:

  • Property listing
    • Price point
    • Square footage
    • Neighborhood
    • Etc.
  • Property sold
  • Looking for buyers
  • Looking for sellers
  • Follow up
  • Plus many, many more!
Automagically Simplify your Life!

With that in mind, how do you keep things easily organized and manage all of the collateral you need for each campaign?  Simplify real estate marketing with the help of Amarki’s “Automagic”.  We drive campaigns through some sweet automation action. First, design your campaign. Step two, designate the trigger event and fine tune the details. Now, take your marketing templates and assign them to the campaign. Activate the campaign and POOF, you’re done!

Simplify real estate marketing without thinking too hard about it.  Amarki can help!
$1,000,000.00! He just wishes he was as cool as the original Dr. Evil!

From here, what do you do? Great question…you go out and find your next listing. Now, since your new property is listing for “$1 MILLION DOLLARS!” (insert Dr. Evil voice over for emphasis) your campaign is triggered and you get an easy to read, easy to use email notification.  

What’s in the email?  A link notifying you, the person who used to spend hours, days or even weeks, completing the marketing for your high end property that it’s all done.  That’s right, all of your marketing is ready to be approved!  If you can check out of Amazon.com, you can approve your marketing and be confident that it’s all handled.  No more juggling tasks and trying not to forget social media or some other vital marketing activity.  By clicking that link you are routed to Amarki’s checkout cart.  So, what’s in that cart you ask?  A preview of all your marketing collateral patiently waiting for you to approve it, pay for what’s necessary, post it, send it or launch it!  Truly – click and done. You will LOVE #clickanddone when you realize the power and simplicity of Amarki!

Can it be that easy to simplify real estate marketing?
Yes, it's that easy to simplify real estate marketing

Yes – I know, that’s a LONG answer!

Simply Automated Real Estate Marketing

Throughout our content we refer to Adobe InDesign. The reason we can automate your marketing is we are not a marketing creation platform, that’s what InDesign is for. We are a marketing collateral fulfillment platform. What does that mean? Simply put, you are able to create any marketing piece you want, as a template, in InDesign or WordPress. You then tag it, upload it and launch it in Amarki ( See more details here:  https://bit.ly/2UyIq7T). That is where the beauty comes in for us. Most companies are trying to help you create, send, receive, print and everything in between.  Amarki is intentionally staying out of the creation business in order to focus on integration, automation and marketing implementation.  

The power of YOUR

We are uniquely positioned to allow YOUR people to build YOUR marketing and use YOUR templates to grow YOUR business!  What else do we do? We integrate with YOUR preferred systems – CRM, email, data feed, etc. – to simplify your day to day working life.

Truly, if this all sounds too good to be a reality – come check out amarki.com or better yet, call or email us and we would be happy to walk you through the entire platform!

Jeff Madl
Director of Sales & Business Development

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