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How it works

Integrate & Automate

Simply link your MLS or listing sites along with your social media and existing marketing tools. The Amarki system is now prepared to automically craft marketing campaigns which meet your needs. You can configure specific parameters on the listings you wish to promote or use our tools to more efficiently manage your existing applications.

Administration Simplified

Whether you choose to import your existing templates or use our huge selection of beautifully crafted templates, you can manage your brand’s consistency and style guidelines effortlessly. Also, you can track and manage agents and team members while encouraging recruitment, onboarding, and training. All of this can be done through any device, anywhere!

Design & Edit Easily

Select from predefined templates to match your brand or, if permitted, choose from hundreds of our beautifully prebuilt templates. Each template automatically imports your listings, content and information so you don’t have to! Then you can easily make adjustments to the template before you print, post, or direct mail your materials.

Digital or Print Materials

Amarki has partnered with Moo and Shutterfly to offer the highest quality products at highly competitive rates. Our vast variety of promotional materials range from business cards, direct mail flyers, yard signs, brochures and more! Not only this but our partnership with USPS enables direct mailers to be mailed to any area of your choosing at the best rates.

What’s in it for you?

Time Saved

Connect your MLS or listing accounts to allow for import of listings and automatically generate, ship or post marketing campaigns.


Automated import of existing templates as well as standardized designs and presentations across all of your work.

Ease of Use

Don’t learn another new application, learn how to use your existing tools better through our wealth of app integrations.

Amarki vs The Rest

We have no true competitors. Our application is built on managing the latest and greatest applications with ease, so you can always have the most powerful tools in your marketing toolkit. In addition, we offer beautiful custom template designs, a variety of products, eddm direct mailing, app integrations, listing service integrations, and marketing campaign options for real estate agent marketing.

Competitor 1

✗ Beautiful Templates
✗ Marketing Campaigns
✗ App Integrations
✗ Telephone Support

Competitor 2

✗ Wide Product Selection
✗ Beautiful Templates
✗ Marketing Campaigns
✗ App Integrations

Competitor 3

✗ Mobile Version
✗ Beautiful Templates
✗ Marketing Campaigns
✗ App Integrations

You’ve found the most effective use of your time for marketing, whether that be managing existing clients or acquiring new leads. Oh, and we make it so easy by allowing you to use your existing social networks, email, and applications. Amarki’s robust training platform will hone your skills to produce the most effective marketing campaigns while improving ROI. We have thousands of stylish and professional designs to choose from. Print, post, list, and direct mail your way to success!

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