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Fair Billing


Amarki believes that our customers should only pay for User accounts that are actively using the service. Our Fair Billing policy calculates the number of active Users, and relevant Add-Ons, for each customer’s account at the end of each billing period and automatically updates your bill or invoice to reflect that number of active Users and Add-Ons. The Fair Billing Policy only applies to User Accounts and Add-Ons, it does not apply to any platform, MLS, or other fees not specifically stated in this policy. FBP does not apply to Users that have signed up individually or are not part of a larger broker or entity.



  • User Accounts & Add-Ons – FBP Applies
    • The policy is applicable to per-User account fees including any Add-on costs.
    • This means that your account & Add-On fees will vary over the length of your contract as users are added and subtracted.
  • Platform Fees, MLS Fees, or Other Fees Not Detailed Herein – FBP Does Not Apply
    • Amarki’s FBP does not apply, and will not affect, any platform fees paid each billing period.
    • This means that your Platform Fees will stay the same for the length of your contract.
    • All other fees are subject to the amounts and minimums stated in the Order Form.
  • Individual User Accounts Not Part of a Broker or Larger Entity
    • FBP does not apply, and will not affect, the amounts paid by individual Users not part of a broker or larger entity


  • Amarki automatically detects which Users are active, and will add a charge to your account based on the plan and prices specified in your Order Form.
  • A User or Add-On is defined as active and billable for a given Account Type or Add-On upon log in to Amarki’s systems and/or use of a specified Add-On by the User in a given billing period.
  • Fair Billing applies on a full billing period basis only that is provided in the Order Form. If a User is active for any portion of a billing period, the User will be defined as active for that entire billing period and charges will be applied for the entire billing period.
  • If a User’s account is not active in a given billing period, the charge for that User will not be applied in that billing period.
  • Amarki has the right to modify its prices, plans, or Add-On options at any time, but the prices charged under the Fair Billing Policy will reflect the prices specified on your Order Form for a given Account Type or Add-On for the specified term of your contract.