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By now, it should be obvious that real estate is a highly competitive market. There are tons of agencies in every city trying to appeal to the same potential clients. And let’s face it…while putting out signs and advertising in the paper can be effective, this is 2018. The internet rules the roost when it comes to advertising, so you need to up your online presence. The first place potential clients are going to look for an agent is on the internet, and if your website doesn’t make you look like an expert in the field, they are much more likely to find someone who is and Amarki can help.

It Pays to Show Off a Little
Blogs are a cheap and effective way of showing your clients that you’re an expert in the industry. Homes are expensive. Buyers want to know that the agent they’re working with is an absolute expert in the field. Sellers want to know that you’re going to get them the best sale price for their home. To the average person, real estate is a confusing beast to understand. An easy to read and informative blog that covers common industry topics is very appreciated by potential clients and adds tons of credibility to your agency.

Make Yourself Valuable Through Client Engagement
People like free stuff. Since the web isn’t exactly a brick and mortar office where you can put out a dish of candy or free pens, you need to get creative. Sharing your knowledge in a blog is a fantastic way to show potential clients that you want them to understand the buying and selling process and that you are being proactive about trying to answer their questions. Clients will be more likely to trust you and your abilities if they can see for themselves that you are the expert in your market.  Even if a potential client isn’t ready to buy or sell, having a blog out there certainly keeps you fresh in their minds for when the time comes.

May Google Shine Upon You
Google likes fresh content. In fact, it likes fresh content so much that regularly updated blogs with a few target keywords thrown in (also known as SEO) is going to drive your website above your competitors. How does that help you? Well, people like Google. It’s the leading search engine that people turn to for information, so the higher up you are in Google’s search results, the more potential clients are going to trust your company. Think about it. When you’re looking for an answer, how often do you click ‘page 2’?

No Excuses
Real estate is just as busy as it is competitive. It’s understandable if you think you don’t have time to blog. The question you need to ask yourself though is if you can afford not to blog. Neglecting to include a blog on your website weakens your marketing strategy, and it’s going to cost you deals. Whether you make the time to do it yourself or if you hire someone to do it for you, blogging is an invaluable asset to add to your marketing arsenal. Take advantage of it.