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Adobe InDesign:  A Real Estate Marketing Cornerstone
Adobe Indesign logo - a powerful tool for real estate marketing templates

What tool should you use to create your Real Estate marketing templates?  In today’s digital world you can easily get marketing ideas, real estate marketing templates and other items from just about anywhere on the web.  I bet you’d like to know what the industry standard for high quality design is…Adobe InDesign!  Everybody knows Adobe, period.  InDesign is the tool that most designers leverage to create dynamic, high functioning templates.


Amarki:  Use YOUR real estate marketing templates!
Amarki logo - a powerful tool to leverage real estate marketing templates

How do you leverage your real estate marketing templates easily? 

That’s where Amarki comes in and really shines! Now that you’ve created your marketing templates for all things marketing (i.e. property flyers, real estate postcards, social media posts, etc.) you can put Amarki to work.  Easily pull up Amarki’s plug-in to load your templates directly into the platform!  That’s right, YOU, the marketing design team, are able to create your real estate marketing template, tag the template to auto-populate and upload it directly into Amarki for immediate use by your team! 


Amarki & Adobe Magic:  Real Estate Marketing for the win!

Here is where the magic really begins to happen.  Simplicity is the key at Amarki.  To get started with this partnership, follow these steps and watch the magic happen!

  • First, sign up for Amarki (and Adobe InDesign if you don’t have it)!
  • Download the Amarki InDesign plug-in
  • Create, tag and upload your Real Estate Marketing Templates
  • Get your MLS RETS feed and Agent Access Accounts set up
  • Now, organize your real estate marketing campaign(s)!
  • Let Amarki autogenerate all the content, all the collateral and tools desired to push out an entire marketing campaign for your real estate property – driven by your InDesign templates!
  • Click the link from your email notification to view and approve your collateral
  • Checkout to launch your campaign.
  • Last but not least, rest easy knowing that in 5 minutes you finished 100% of your real estate marketing campaign.
Yes, It’s that easy to use your real estate marketing templates!

It truly is that simple to use YOUR real estate marketing templates with Amarki and Adobe InDesign!  If you’re looking for a way to drive content to your users that is easy to use, powerful and driven by Adobe InDesign templates, you should check out our platform!  We are affordable, automated and efficient.  Do you want to provide the best marketing tools, high functioning marketing software and a way to compete with all of the biggest players in the real estate industry…look no further!  Give us a call or send us a request today to schedule a conversation and walkthrough of the Amarki system!

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