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Once you’ve established your brand value, audience demographic & visual assets, the challenge then lies in finding a replicable process to ensure you can reach new and existing customers. A crucial facet of this strategy is to ensure brand consistency is maintained across platforms. This way your audience begins to immediately recognize who you are when seen online. From this lens, brokers need to ensure a consistent brand framework is in place. The problem is, you need that time during the day to focus on what really matters – expanding and growing the business.

Amarki’s ability to provide consistency across marketing platforms bridges the gap between saving time and ensuring a sustainable cadence of brand visibility is maintained. Sticking to a consistent brand framework across a variety of platforms is fundamental in maintaining a trusted relationship with customers.

By providing your team access to solutions that promote ongoing brand consistency, Amarki’s bespoke capabilities ensure:

Your brand trust is established and strategically maintained through a reliable, replicable process

Your audience can rely on you to takeaway actionable value after engaging with your brand content

You are armed with a tool that allows you the time to pivot focus on what you really need to do – build your business and close more deals

According to a survey done by the National Association of Realtors in 2018, 48% of all firms cited keeping up with technology as one of the biggest challenges they anticipate in the next two years. With this obstacle top of mind, working to familiarize your employees with customized automation tools such as those offered Amarki, can set your business up to remain ahead of the curve down the road.

With an average of 973,600 real estate active brands in the United States, and an anticipated industry YoY growth marker of  6% – your competition is stronger than ever before.

Maintaining a consistent brand image in the eyes of this competition goes beyond aesthetics. Done right, successful brand consistently allows existing customers and prospects to more seamlessly engage with your brand – as they come to expect the way content and information is presented. For example, ensuring that property descriptions are presented in the same format throughout your site and social channels, with the most important items of the listing in the first sentence. This way your audiences can effectively skim through inventory on your site, knowing what that the topline information in the first sentence what they should focus on.

Using intelligent technology like Amarki allows you to time to recruit more strategically, build out your target customer demographic and help your business to grow.

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