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No matter what the nature of your business or what you have to sell, if you do not market effectively, you will not be around very long. Even the best product and highest quality service will not sell itself, so you need to get out there – and get the word out about your business and your brand.

There are many forms of marketing, but some are more effective than others. Even as other forms of communication make inroads, email continues to be a powerful marketing tool. To simplify your workload, Amarki can integrate with your existing email service and automate this process for you. Email marketing remains a low-cost form of advertising, and a highly effective communication medium when used properly. Here are 5 top characteristics of the perfect pitch email.

1) A Compelling Subject Line
No matter what you are selling or who you are selling to, the subject line is key to your success. If the reader does not make it through the subject line, the carefully crafted message below will never get read, and the message will likely hit the trash can or wind up in the dreaded spam folder.

Many devices now display the first few lines of incoming messages, so make the most of that real estate and make your subject line as compelling as possible. The goal of the subject line is to entice the reader and keep them reading; the rest is up to you.

2) The Personal Touch
Whether they come through email, snail mail or phone call, the best advertising pitches always have a personal touch. Personalizing your email marketing message can dramatically improve response rates and built a rapport with your customers, so take the time to give your messages a personal touch.

Adding a touch of personalization to the subject line can make your email pitch even more compelling. Simply adding the recipient’s name to the subject line can make your message more effective and encourage more readers to respond.

3) An Authoritative Voice
People are much more likely to buy from someone whose authority they recognize and trust. Do not be afraid to add an authoritative voice to your email pitch – it will reassure skittish customers and make them feel better about trying out your services.

There are many ways to add an authoritative voice to your email, from signing the message with your full name and credentials to including information about industry awards your company has one. No matter how you choose to do it, building authority into your pitch email can make the message more compelling.

4) Customer Testimonials
If you have been in business for some time, you probably have lots of happy customers. Instead of keeping those satisfied customers a secret, let the world know with compelling customer testimonials.

Including testimonials in your pitch email is a great way to boost confidence in your readers and convince them to give your products a try. It can be difficult encouraging people to try out a new service but seeing how satisfied other buyers have been can go a long way.

5) Full Contact Information
Finally, your pitch email should include full contact information so readers can request additional information if they wish. You want to make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to reach you, so make sure your website address, email, phone number and other relevant information are prominently displayed.

Email continues to be a highly effective, and widely used, advertising medium, and that ubiquity can be a double-edged sword. The sheer volume of email traffic means the average reader sees dozens of pitches every day. If you want your pitch email to stand out, you need to make it compelling and interesting. In short, you need to make your readers want to open it. Building the 5 characteristics listed above into every pitch you send is a great way to differentiate yourself and get real results.