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Welcome to Amarki, the system for Real Estate marketing! The newest, sexiest, automated marketing system hardly anyone has heard of…yet.  Thank you for reading our inaugural, original content blog post.  We are excited to see you engage with us and help us decide where to go from here.  We will always do our best to research and get you the most up to date tips and tricks for marketing.  You can find more details about us at https://Amarki.com and please follow our blog at https://amarki.com/news/

High level overview:

Amarki has the ability to truly automate all of your real estate marketing.  For instance, things like real estate marketing plans, social posting for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (and coming soon Instagram and Pinterest), email leveraged for all of the real estate agent marketing ideas that come through your marketing teams office all day every day!  Through the power of Adobe InDesign, Amarki, integrations and automation we are able to empower your entire team.  Now leverage your designs, your marketing, and your people to grow your business.

The How:  All your Marketing Integrated

How do we do this?  Amarki “automagically” integrates all of your marketing tools into a central hub.  Equally important to us, we are unlike anything anyone has experienced in the marketing world when it comes to using Adobe InDesign templates and WordPress.  All of your needs, whether it’s creative real estate marketing flyers, luxury real estate marketing, email marketing or social media marketing found in one system. Also, if you are simply trying to figure out how to leverage your CRM software and email service to drive your marketing content, Amarki is here to help you integrate them!  We unify your existing systems to drive faster, easier, more successful use of your marketing tools every day, with every interaction.  We do not replace them.

The Why: Real Estate Marketing Simplified

The purpose of real estate marketing is NOT to waste your valuable time.  So, what is the purpose?  Marketing’s intention is to drive real estate leads to your brokerage and real estate team as a whole.  This leads me to another question.  How are you creating your real estate marketing (insert item…flyers, ads, brochures, content, etc.)?  Are you sure that collateral is consistent with your companies branding requirements and standards?  Is your team providing multiple touches consistently via different channels?  Are you, the Real Estate Broker, providing a system of tools that truly empower your team to use their time efficiently?  The answer to all of these, simply put, Amarki.

As time progresses, Amarki will be providing more detailed answers to these questions and many, many more.  Solutions, ideas, creative thinking and other non-traditional ways to drive your real estate marketing plan.

Real Estate Organizations we work with:
Amarki and Realogy FWD partnership shown with pens and notebooks from both companies that can help drive real estate marketing
  • RESO – The Real Estate Standards Organization  https://www.reso.org/blog/
  • NAR – National Association of Realtors https://www.nar.realtor/topics
  • Realogy – owns and franchises several real estate brands and brokerages, and offers relocation, title and settlement services.  https://www.realogy.com/
  • Inman – the latest realtor and broker news and trends you need to stay ahead. See why thousands of pros count on Inman’s real estate news everyday! Inman’ s Tech news: https://www.inman.com/category/tech-reviews/
  • RISMedia – the residential real estate industry’s definitive source for news and information for real estate’s most profitable and productive professionals. https://rismedia.com/
  • More partners coming soon!

The Amarki Blog’s Direction and Purpose:

Finally, real estate marketing ideas that are new, fresh and different from what you’re seeing everywhere else will be found here.  We will also combine traditional marketing techniques and tools within our system to help you reach your highest level of success.  Last but not least, you will always find updates to Amarki’s offerings and system when they arrive.  Our hope at Amarki is to truly partner with the business communities that we work with to help them be even more successful every day!  

Ultimately, we invite the real estate and marketing community at large to jump in feet first and help us, help you.  Marketing is such a complex dichotomy in today’s world.  We are here to simplify it for you as much as possible.  Get ready for Marketing 101…in laymen’s terms.  We will be hosting guest bloggers, sharing other blog content and expert resources as we build out our brand, our knowledge base and our team here at Amarki.

Content and Post created by:
Jeff Madl
Director of Sales & Business Development