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Real Estate Brokers are not the same across the board. Many brokers are a place for real estate agents to hang their license and sell properties. That is all the value they add to their team. Other brokers are full service and provide an array of tools that truly empower their realtors to drive business with guidance and direction. The brokers role varies wildly throughout the industry. Ask yourself this, as a real estate broker, are you a leader or a parking lot? What do you want to be?

Be a leader – Real Estate Brokers that lead are important!
Be a leader in Real Estate. A successful real estate broker will take charge and climb higher with help from a successful real estate team.
Take charge and lead the way!

Leadership, as a whole, makes a huge impact regardless of the industry that you’re a part of or team you’re playing on. In Real Estate, that is no different! A lazy real estate broker is the equivalent of having a 300 pound quarterback that can’t throw a football. Without leadership in the real estate office, realtors are essentially left to fend for themselves and try and run an entire business on their own. What happens in this scenario? Top talent never stays!

Be a leader, if you’re not, become one. Read books, find resources, develop a relationship with a mentor, whatever it takes, if you’ve gone this far to become a real estate broker, become a real estate leader in your community! Mentor, coach, train and provide the resources your team needs to become successful. Always remember, it’s the people that matter, not the income they generate. When a leader builds their people up, the company thrives and overall income increases for all of the members of the real estate team!

What’s needed to be competitive as a Real Estate Broker

In my current occupation I spend 40+ hours a week speaking to real estate professionals across the board and digesting real estate news. Huge corporate entities such as HomeSmart, ReMax, and more as well as small private held organizations that have 5 – 10 agents all follow the same mindset when they become successful. There is a simple indicator based on the conversations I’ve had over the past year that tell me who is driven to be successful and who is simply on cruise control!

What is that indicator? It’s a single question.

1 question differentiates successful real estate leaders and brokers from others.
What are others doing?

What are other brokers doing to be competitive?

Why is that so critical? It expresses a desire to be as good or better than other people who are providing the same or similar services. Simply put, to be competitive, you have to be driven to be better than the group across the street. You have to be driven to not lose your top agents because someone has better services, better technology and more.  The Broker has to steer the ship and be driven to be the best.

How does Amarki know what it takes to be successful in Real Estate as a broker?

That’s a fair question! Aside from working with 20,000+ real estate professionals, we literally speak with 100’s of them every single day. Their is a striking difference between bad, mediocre and successful real estate brokers and teams! The questions they ask are different, the attitude they have is different and the desire to understand and educate themselves on new systems, tools, technology and trends is different.

Success in real estate is gauged by many things. Amarki is tuned in and listening to our customers and potential partners as we continue to provide cutting edge real estate marketing software!
Set a goal. Define your success. Follow your compass.

Gone are the days of sticking up a business sign, putting yard signs in front of a house and simply saying, “I’m in real estate” to find success. Our mission has been hyper focused on providing a Real Estate Marketing software that will change the industry and how they market across the board whether it’s for a listing or marketing in general.

Setting Up Standard Systems – Real Estate Broker Tools for Success

We can revisit a phrase we’ve already used in a previous blog post, found here – https://bit.ly/2PHCHJa, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Once again, a lack of planning in this situation can completely devalue the brokerage you are creating or hope to create! Real Estate Agents, Realtors, Real Estate Professionals, Real Estate Brokers all look to leadership to tell them what the best tools for the job are! At Amarki we want to be a company standard.

, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Once again, a lack of planning in this situation can completely devalue the brokerage you are creating or hope to create! Real Estate Agents, Realtors, Real Estate Professionals, Real Estate Brokers all look to leadership to tell them what the best tools for the job are! At Amarki we want to be a company standard.

Here’s a list of tools and services you should have outsourced or put in place for your team, these are suggestions, not endorsements!
Deciding which real estate tools and systems to use is complicated. Choosing Amarki is not! Let us help you manage the critical aspect of marketing with integrations and production that's automated.
Amarki can help you manage all of your real estate marketing tasks in one spot, integrating your CRM data, email services and marketing collateral needs.
What’s important about systems? Team Adoption and Usage!

All of the above tools are extremely important and helpful, but what’s most important about all of them? Whether or not your team uses them. As a leader, you MUST be heavy handed when on-boarding new team members AND new systems/tools. You can not build it and allow them to come, you have to be intentional, explain the value the system brings and why. Incentivize using tools for tracking and marketing. Find ways to keep your company running the way it should.

A successful real estate team works with their real estate broker to drive their marketing, creative thinking and overall success!

Whether you’re bringing on a new agent, creating a new real estate brokerage or simply adding a system, without finding a way to respectfully force interaction with the tools you’re putting in place, you can not expect them to help drive success. Here’s a great article that can give you insight into how to do this better: https://bit.ly/2A6keB3

As a leader – Be Creative, Be Inventive, Be in Control

In order to lead, you must be able to convince others to follow you. The only way to do this is to foster an overall team culture that encourages people to grow. You must dig in and find examples, tools, references, books and other strategies to help. Push people forward and they will help you climb higher than you could ever get on your own. Get creative in all of your thinking, don’t reinvent a working wheel, find a way to make that same wheel fun, more productive or more successful! Being inventive is a full time gig, without changing things up, testing new tools, creating new marketing, your team will not stay focused on your overall success! If they are not focused on success, you are not in control.

Amarki: A Way to drive all of this through Marketing

Amarki’s focus truly is creating a successful real estate brokerage or company! We want to provide a platform that address everything we spoke about previously in our article that drives the marketing side of your businesses equation. At Amarki we have a cloud-based, easy-to-use platform that integrates with all of your current and coming soon tools. We take all of the data we need from a CRM, leverage the sending power of your email service, throw in control mechanisms to make sure branding and guidelines are followed that allows you to leverage your custom marketing ideas through InDesign real estate marketing templates. It sounds too good to be true every time I talk to a Real Estate Broker or Marketing Director about our system. Imagine how much time you would save with a unifying platform that streamlines and automates your marketing in the real estate world. Let’s talk about Amarki!

Real Estate Brokers can reach out to Jeff at Amarki to discuss our awesome marketing tools!
Jeff Madl
Director of Sales & business Develpment