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Living in today’s world is such an amazing ride! As of late, my tv habits have included a lot of period piece based content. The Tudors, Reign, and others for some reason have been getting my attention. Why start here? Well, this is what spurred today’s topic on lead generation! Before social media, internet, printers, computers, print presses, electricity….lead generation was a thing! They may not have called it that, but it was and always has been a cornerstone of our world. Need an army? Send out riders, recruit, raise money, network and call those individuals to action!  

Conversely, let’s look at lead generation in the world of sales, real estate, B2C, B2B and otherwise. Need sales? Send out emails, social posts, spend money on Adwords and PPC, build out your brand and invite people for a demo, property showing, have lunch, etc. The formula is simple. It hasn’t changed, it’s simply expanded to included other forms of sending out riders! The beauty of today’s world however, is also in the complicated maze we have now created. There are more opportunities than ever to market, but it brings up several great questions and challenges.  

What does YOUR marketing require for successful lead generation?
Successful lead generation will always require marketing.  Let Amarki help you automate your marketing tasks through integrating multiple systems in one spot.  This allows for less time spent to complete the same tasks.
Marketing is MUCH more complicated than most people realize, especially in today’s world!  Let Amarki help by Automating your marketing through integration and innovation!
  1. Strategy – a solid understanding of your goals and desired outcome.
  2. Defined target customer – WHO IS YOUR CUSTOMER?
  3. Messaging that tackles a Need or Solution to a problem
  4. Defined Marketing Channels – Digital, Social, Print, Network, etc.
  5. Tools – the right collateral and systems to get the job done
  6. Execution!

Now that we have a high level understanding of what we need to accomplish “lead generation”, let’s take a deeper dive into these segments.

Strategy – If you fail to plan, you plan to fail – the lead generation golden rule
Lead generation requires a solid strategy whether it's in today's world or 100's of years ago.  Thankfully with the advent of technology like Amarki you can gain back major blocks of time by automating your marketing and integrating your systems.

Planning, in its simplest form, is THE single most important step any sales person, sales leader, real estate agent/broker, entrepreneur, C-level executive, Teacher, Doctor, Farmer, Plumber or other individual must take in order to be successful. The single most overlooked piece of planning however, in my opinion, is time management.  


Time, as is often said, is the single most valuable commodity. You simply can not get it back! Lead generation can consume so much time it could ultimately kill your dream of high sales, entrepreneurship, etc. Why do I bring this up…without intentionally blocking out your day, you will lose track of it.  Every day you should set aside time for the activities that are needed to generate leads, period.  Prospecting, marketing, messaging, and so forth can easily eat up half of your day or more if you let it, trust me, I’ve been there and have the t-shirt!


Plan out your day in blocks if possible.  Then, plan out your week, month, year and future goals.  Without taking this critical step, lead generation, regardless of how good it is, will not help you accomplish your ultimate goal.

Once you understand your availability, end goals and desired outcome, the rest is all about execution and follow through. Lead generation is a critical piece of any business. Real estate, marketing, software, retail…make sure you allocate the time necessary to generate business.


The Audience – who is your customer?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to one of the most misunderstood aspects of lead generation!  The good old, “build it and they will come” approach simply does not work. Maybe, if you’re creating a theme park…in the middle of a massive community without similar entertainment options…that all happen to have large amounts of disposable income it would. Outside of that, without being Walmart, Amazon, Google, or Mac, it just doesn’t work that way anymore.

Define your customer based around your understanding of the problem you solve OR product that is desired. Great, that’s easy!  Or is it? Many times in a businesses life they start out in one arena and find themselves working in multiple others because they weren’t thinking big enough. When they launched their initial offering, they missed opportunities! Software ESPECIALLY has this problem. How often do software companies start out doing one thing and end up working in multiple areas? How many products have been created to tackle problem A and been adjusted to tackle issues B-Z? Short sited visionaries often end up selling a product or business to another company or individual only to watch it far outgrow their own wildest imagination!

Make sure your audience is defined to maximize the impact of your lead generation.  Go after every piece of the pie you can!

Defining your audience and understanding who your customer is, will most likely be an article in and of its own, on amarki.com‘s blog, in all honesty, have you taken the time to break down, in agonizing detail who you are working with? If you haven’t, you may be leaving money on the table that could easily be converted into success!

Based on what you’re generating leads for, you also have to understand the skillset of the individuals that are going to use your product, platform or service. Too often marketers fall into the “statistically driven” mindset. or the “popular marketing flavor of the day” mindset. These can be a double edged sword. Do you want to waste time, money and other resources on marketing that is like everybody else’s, only your marketing isn’t working?

Lead Generation – Stay Focused

How do you avoid this wasteful habit marketing professionals tend to have? You understand your audience. B2B is different than B2C, however B2B is also different depending on who the business owners are, size of business and so on. Now, how do you figure that out? Simply put, you strategize at the beginning and you continue to customize your approach based on actual results. Try what’s popular but also understand that it may not work. Get creative!


Messaging:  Lead Generation can not happen without GREAT Messaging!

To begin with, messaging is something you must look at like a growing plant. Without water, sunlight and the proper environment, plants don’t just grow. Let’s define the critical pieces of messaging. First, what makes you different than everybody else and what value do you add? Second, the audience, as noted above. Next, what problem do you solve and where is the best place to reach the leads you’re looking for? Also, what are your current customers telling you about your company that is positive and/or helpful?

Have all of that figured out? Great! You’re WAY ahead of most people! Now, how do you express that information in a way that produces new leads? You have to, as a marketer, sales person, business owner, etc.,perform A/B testing constantly. Try version A, try version B and then decide what works better. ABC in sales stands for “always be closing”; In the land of lead generation, it needs to stand for “always be changing”! Change is not a four letter word, FYI. Change is good, but you also don’t want to reinvent a wheel that is not broken! You change different pieces of your messaging based on what is and is not working. Create a positive formula and grow that formula, don’t simply erase it and start new. Unless the original formula is not working. Lock in your messaging and hit the start button!

Marketing Channels:  Define where you want to find leads!
There are so many channels for lead generation.  Amarki can help you successfully and automagically manage them all!
So many marketing channels and so little time!  Let Amarki.com save you busy work by automating your systems and marketing activities!

Now, let’s talk about building our lead generation engine! The fuel for the fire is customer interaction with your messaging and marketing. What drives that? Different marketing channels and actions that interact with your target base in order to drive interest and sales conversion. Here’s a high level list of what you should be doing!

Marketing Channels:
  • Direct Mail – Every Door Direct Mail, post cards, advertisements, letters and more!
  • e-mail – drip campaigns, direct email, automated messaging systems, etc.
  • Social Media – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Google+ and more – Free content and Paid ads/boosting
  • Website Traffic – Content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), AdWords, organic traffic, design of page and additional options.
  • Store front – if you have a brick and mortar, how do you get them to the door?
  • Television/Radio – is your company/product/service something that this would make sense in your region?
  • Word of Mouth/Referrals – How do you drive this? How do you get your current customers and contacts to send leads your way?


How do you drive lead generation?  You use the right tools!

In marketing there are tons of tools available for use. Here’s a great article on FREE Facebook tools we posted earlier this year: https://bit.ly/2GeTKD6 Another great resource for marketing tools can be found here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/279338 

If you’d like additional detailed information on lead generation in today’s world, check out: Albacross’ content for even more detailed information.

lead generation is more productive when you successfully automate your time consuming activities.
Strengthen your marketing with automation!

Why do we need tools, to protect the unrefundable commodity of TIME! Amarki is strategically situated to do exactly that! Amarki.com has a system in place that Automates, Markets, and Integrates your lead generation activities!  The Amarki platform takes all of the above mentioned activities and gives the output of those not only a place to live but also an actionable platform to launch, automate and leverage your marketing. We truly are an automation powerhouse that is and will continue to change marketing!

EXECUTE! – Do what you say you’re going to do!

Now that we understand the basics, it’s time to execute! The biggest part of execution is action and follow through. Amarki allows you to put in the work up front and set up campaigns that automate all of the repetitive activities that kill your time daily! Allow yourself more time to do what you said you were going to by eliminating steps with a platform that truly manages your marketing busy work and provides quality results!

If you’re interested in a platform that will help you execute your marketing goals and drive your lead generation in simple, easy ways, let us know! Contact us and let’s schedule a conversation and walkthrough of our entire system!

Jeff Madl
Director of Sales & Business Development

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