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If you’re not active on Facebook as a real estate agent, you are likely missing out on some serious sales opportunities. People have all different kinds of ideas about what precisely “active” means though. For some people, occasionally posting a general industry article once a week means they are active on social media. In the context of building relationships as an agent, being active on Facebook means that you’re posting at least 20+ high-quality, engaging posts every month. To simplify the process you can use Amarki to automatically craft social media campaigns for new listings.

A lot of agents are still making the mistake of only using photos of houses on Facebook, rather than including lots of videos. From a digital marketing perspective, videos will almost always perform better on social media platforms these days. Facebook loves it when users post videos, especially live videos. Agents need to consider using the Facebook Live tool as much as they can. Creating and sharing video blogs is one of the easiest ways to build your brand on Facebook and other social media platforms. Photos are also still important to focus on. Use an online photo-editing tool like Canva.com to add text and graphics to your photos for posts and advertisements.

Be creative and show your personality while you show your viewers your houses. You can use your cell phone to record and broadcast your videos directly to Facebook. No fancy equipment is required. Try to use the microphone on a pair of headphones that works with your phone so that you will get the clearest audio. You can also spend a few dollars max and get a flexible tripod. You can even use a selfie-stick to shoot some of the videos.

“Another tactic real estate agents can use is to consistently “Like’ other local business pages on Facebook. Engage with their Facebook posts and comment in local groups. Building positive relationships with local businesses is easy to do on Facebook. Ask questions in the comments of local posts and industry posts. Ask for people’s opinion on your page and encourage people to comment. Get people excited about what you’re selling by providing useful and honest information.

Many agents are not adequately using all of the new sales tools that the Facebook platform offers. Agents can use tools like Facebook Milestones to help them tell the story of their business. You can easily highlight essential posts from your timeline using Facebook Milestones.

Another idea is to hold regular promotions, offers, and contests on your Facebook page. The Facebook platform makes it easy to set up everything. Promote your offers through targeted ads to massively increase their reach. Since Facebook can limit your organic reach on Facebook, you should be selectively using paid ads to build your brand.

Facebook now encourages page owners to customize the tabs that show up on their page. Smart agents are taking advantage of this by including an “Appointments” tab directly on their page. So people that are browsing the photos and videos of houses on your page can click on the “Appointment” tab to set-up a showing with you. You even have the option of having Facebook Messenger pop-up on your page. The Messenger dialog box pops up and encourages your page visitors to talk to you directly in real-time. That is a powerful sales tool that is overlooked by too many real estate agents.

The same kind of sales strategies that work on Facebook will help you succeed on Instagram as well. Post consistently several times a week and try to use a right mix of photos and videos. Rotate between different themes for your posts. Some ideas for post themes are “recently sold properties,” “before and after,” “client testimonials,” “local design trends,” and “homeowner tips.” You can advertise on Instagram and manage your ad campaigns using Facebook’s ad platform. Just like Facebook, Instagram encourages users to promote contests, offers, and promotions as well.

Instagram doesn’t use tabs so agents can’t create an “Appointments” tab like on Facebook. If you have a personal website, include a link directly to your “Appointments” page in your profile description under the “Website” category. If you’re mainly just using Facebook rather than a personal website, be sure to include a link to your Facebook page where potential clients can book appointments with you and chat with you on Messenger.

Real estate agents can build relationships by finding other residents through popular local hashtags on Instagram. Often, neighborhoods and different areas of towns will have specific hashtags that are popular and included in lots of Instagram posts. Agents can find these relevant hashtags, and then follow these people and comment on their photos to quickly start building local relationships within their community. Most communities have local influencers on Instagram. These influencers could be any person or business with a large and receptive following on Instagram. Agents can reach out to these local influencers to build mutually-beneficial business relationships.