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Chances are good you’re probably already promoting your real estate services on social media. But did you know you might be doing more harm than good if you’re approaching real estate marketing on social sites in the wrong manner? You can significantly increase your lead generation opportunities via social networking, but you must avoid potential pitfalls if you want social media marketing to work for your real estate services. Amarki can integrate with your existing social media networks and automate posting for new listings. Avoid the following five social media mistakes for real estate professionals and you can enjoy an increased return on investment for your efforts.

1) Don’t use your personal Facebook profile to showcase your real estate services. Clients want to work with a professional, not someone who sells real estate on the side. Create a Facebook business page for your services and treat your page like you are promoting a business brand to your followers. Facebook business pages have all sorts of bells and whistles personal profile pages don’t. You won’t know the wide array of marketing tools you’re missing out on if you stick with a personal profile page on Facebook.

2) Don’t use Twitter as your personal pulpit to express your political views. Real estate professionals using Twitter should focus their efforts on connecting with locals. Share the latest in local community news or offer updates on hot up-and-coming neighborhoods or housing developments. Become a go-to source for local information and not only will you build a following on Twitter, you’ll increase your client base and real estate referrals too.

3) Don’t just share your real estate listing on Pinterest. Create Pinterest boards to inspire your target clients and help them visualize their dream homes. Create Pinterest collections on everything from this season’s hottest paint trends to top design features home buyers should be looking for when purchasing a new home. If all you ever do is share your latest real estate listings on Pinterest, your audience will soon lose interest.

4) Spamming potential clients on LinkedIn is a big no-no. Use LinkedIn to hunt for new clients and you’ll soon find yourself branded as a spammer. LinkedIn is meant for professional connections and showcasing your industry knowledge via helpful content marketing posts. Make it your mission to be a knowledgeable facilitator of connections and you’ll soon see your star start to rise as a powerful networking agent.

5) YouTube is not the place to host your latest infomercial promoting your real estate training course or the e-book you’ve written. Share those product offerings in the footer of your website, but don’t turn off potential clients by being a pushy marketer on YouTube. Offer helpful videos to showcase your real estate knowledge and local expertise and you will grow your client list via YouTube videos.

Avoid making these costly social media mistakes for real estate professionals and you will find you enjoy increased engagement from your social networking activities. Social media can be a powerful tool for those in the real estate industry, but you need to use it properly if you hope to boost your return on investment.