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Launching a new career? Trying to land new clients? Managing a real estate business is a challenge for any new agent, but with dedication, determination, and a drive to succeed, it’s possible to successfully develop your real estate career. Many real estate agents are excited about their new business endeavor but are unsure of how to develop their relationships with potential clients or how to succeed in the business. If you’re a new agent, there are seven things you need to know in order to succeed.

1. Real Estate Agents MUST Listen to your clients
One of the most important things any real estate agent can do is to listen to the clients. This doesn’t mean you let your clients walk all over you or that you let them make every decision, but it is important that you carefully listen to what your clients want and need. For example, if your clients are looking for a single-story home because it’s difficult for them to climb stairs, avoid showing them homes with multiple levels, even if the houses are pretty or have a good location. While most sales have room for negotiation, it is vital that you carefully listen to what each client is looking for and ask the right questions. If you don’t, they may find a different agent to represent them.

2. Emphasize potential
Whether you’re showing a home to a client or simply discussing options, make sure you emphasize the potential each home has. As a real estate agent, this is important both for clients who are buying and clients who are selling. A home’s potential means that the new owner can transform a home from “acceptable” to “incredible.” Sometimes clients just need a little help seeing this vision for the future. Don’t be afraid to discuss ideas for each home with your clients, as this may help them visualize their options.

3. Market yourself – or you’re not really a Real Estate Agent, you’re a Real Estate Hobbyist
While you’re selling houses, you’re marketing yourself. It’s important that you develop a name for yourself as a real estate agent in your community. You can accomplish this by behaving in a professional manner, dressing appropriately, and networking with other agents in your area. If you really want to take your marketing to the next level you can use a service like Amarki to automate all of your marketing across print, direct mail, and social media. At the very least, you should have business cards and a website or professional social media page so potential clients can look you up and discover ways you can work together.

4. Look for business opportunities
You may be surprised at how many business opportunities you encounter each day. Make sure you’re always prepared to talk shop with potential clients. Carry brochures, business cards, and information about your services everywhere you go. Be friendly and chatty with the people around you. You never know when you might meet a nurse at the doctor’s office who is thinking of selling their house or a patron at a coffee shop who is looking to buy.

5. Be prepared
As a professional real estate agent, it’s important to be prepared. You never know when something might go wrong. Make sure you have a plan for how you’ll handle problems at an open house, customers who get into an argument, or difficult questions about a property. Try to learn as much as possible about each house you’re planning to show so that you can provide as much information as possible to your clients.

6. Be active online – how do you manage marketing as a Real Estate Agent?
Do you have a Facebook page? Linkedin? Twitter? Don’t be afraid to use the Internet to market and share information on houses you’re selling. You can easily integrate your social media accounts on Amarki and post directly through the platform on your phone. Social media offers a fantastic way to broaden your client base. You can also use it to promote pictures of the homes you’re trying to sell. With Amarki’s MLS and listing service integrations, these properties can automatically be pulled and dynamically have marketing materials and posts crafted for them. Many Facebook and social media users are excited to share houses with their friends, so post pictures of properties as soon as they become available.

7. Be prompt
Finally, make sure you’re always prompt. This means you need to show up on time to showings, open houses, and meetings. You also need to make sure to quickly reply to emails, phone calls, and messages you might receive about properties and homes. Unfortunately, many clients are impatient and want immediate answers, so make sure you respond quickly in order to get the sale.

No matter what your goals are for your real estate career, it’s possible to reach them and to succeed in the changing world around you. With the right preparation and incredible self-motivation, you can conquer real estate in your area and build a name for yourself as a quality real estate agent.

As a final thought, Amarki would love to help you reach your success! Check out the rest of our content on our blog and social feeds.

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