If you want to maximize the potential of your Facebook advertising, it is imperative you have the right tools in your arsenal. While Amarki may integrate and automate Facebook posting and other existing apps, there’s also a myriad of free Facebook advertising tools avaiable! Increasing the ROI (return on investment) of the money you spend on Facebook ads is made easier when you use free resources to create and track your ad spend. If you’re a brand marketer who wants to make the most of your Facebook advertising expenditures, the following are ten terrific tools you can use to take your Facebook ad campaigns to the next level.

Pablo – Savvy Facebook Marketers love this one!

Improve your Facebook advertising game with Pablo, a must-discover application for savvy marketers. This tool lets you create, format and style images for social media posts across multiple channels. You won’t believe how easy it is to customize your Facebook images and create professional results your competitors will envy. Once you’ve finished building your social media images, check out the vast array of additional tools Pablo offers. Can you say visual marketing made easy?

Here’s there link:  pablo.buffer.com

Facebook Advertising Examples: adespresso

Studying the advertising examples of other Facebookers is an excellent way to make the most of your Facebook campaigns. Available from Hootsuite, the AdEspresso Facebook Ad Examples interface lets you view Facebook ads by industry. Search for advertising campaigns from others in your market sector and review ads by where they appear on a Facebook page. You can discover Facebook ads by type or by the objective of the advertising party. Whether you’re new to Facebook advertising or a seasoned veteran, this is one fabulous free find you’ll use on an ongoing basis.

Here’s there link: adespresso.com/ads-examples

Facebook Ads Compass

Also from Hootsuite’s AdEspresso, the Facebook Ads Compass tool is an excellent addition to your Facebook advertising strategy. This helpful interface lets you analyze the campaigns you currently have running on Facebook and generate a report on their effectiveness. Learn what you are doing right and which components of your ads need tweaking.

Here’s there link: adespresso.com/free-tools/compass

Headline Analyzer – Facebook Advertising necessity

If you want to make sure the copy on your ads is as persuasive as possible, then you should run the lead copy on your advertisements through the Sharethrough Headline Analyzer tool. This nifty resource, meant as a tool for improving blog post and article titles, is just as useful for analyzing the copy you plan to use on your Facebook ads.

Here’s the link: headlines.sharethrough.com

Pexels – Advertising Images
Facebook Advertising is an artform.  Leverage keywrods, phrases and hashtags the right way to drive lead flow and conversion rates.
Facebook Advertising takes effort and strategic planning

If you want to upgrade the images that you use on your Facebook ads, then integrate Pexels into your social media marketing plans. Pexels offers thousands of eye-catching images that are free to use with no attribution required. Outshine your competitors on Facebook with ads that will help your brand get noticed by your target customers.

Here’s the link: pexels.com

IFTTT – IF you use Facebook THEN Advertising matters!

IFTTT (If This Then That) has numerous tools Facebook advertisers can use to automate their marketing. Automatically add your Facebook images to storage files to make ad creation easier, share your latest ads instantly on other social networks, or automate your Facebook marketing via a voice-enabled interface like Amazon’s Alexa.

Here’s the link: ifttt.com/facebook

TabFoundry – Facebook Advertising Interaction Tool

For marketers who want to use Facebook quizzes and contests in addition to paid Facebook ads, TabFoundry is a phenomenal find. Use TabFoundry to preview campaigns before activation, drag-and-drop elements into your quizzes and games, and create custom interactive campaigns for customer acquisition. You’ll feel like a master Facebook advertising wizard once you discover TabFoundry.

Here’s the link: tabfoundry.com


Offering both free and paid pricing options, ShortStack lets you take your Facebook marketing to the next level. Send email marketing campaigns to potential customers who enter data on your Facebook advertising forms, create custom Facebook visual marketing graphics, and optimize your outreach campaigns for maximum engagement.

Here’s the link: shortstack.com

Proofread Bot – let someone else proofreed your facebook advertising

Proofread Bot helps you proofread your Facebook content before posting. Make sure you don’t have any typos in your Facebook ads or Facebook wall posts to save your company embarrassment. Share Proofread Bot with your followers on Facebook, and you’ll receive extra credits so you can continue to use Proofread Bot for free.

Here’s the link: apps.facebook.com/proofreadbot

Facebook Live – the NEW advertising tool

Facebook Live is one of the most overlooked tools for Facebook advertisers. Many marketers use Facebook Live for broadcasting to their target audience, but they fail to utilize the potential of Facebook Live to inform their advertising campaigns. Broadcast a variety of live video content to your audience on Facebook Live and then use the reactions of your audience to plan your advertising campaigns. Which live-streamed broadcasts had the most significant audience reaction and which ones were clunkers with little to no engagement? Once you start combining Facebook Live with Facebook advertising, you’ll kick yourself for not merging the data sooner.

Here’s the link: live.fb.com

While posting ads on Facebook might cost you money, creating those ads needn’t be a strain on your budget. If you are strategic in your approach to Facebook advertising, you can increase the effectiveness of your outreach efforts and optimize your ads for success. Check out each of the above-listed tools to see which ones can help you turbocharge your paid social media marketing efforts. Continue to use these resources on an ongoing basis and watch your customer acquisition rates go through the roof. Don’t be surprised if your competitors get a little jealous in the process!

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