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Real Estate Franchises

Protect your brand while empowering all reps within your organization. Easily upload Adobe InDesign templates and onboard agents as well as brokers. A white label solution that provides all team members standardized designs and marketing tools. Save time and money using a platform that integrates with all of your existing solutions for superior real estate marketing automation. Whether you’re using Mailchimp for email and WordPress for your website, we’ve got an integration for you! Avoid the headache of learning a new platform and use our training platform to improve productivity with your existing tools, combined with the power of Amarki. Learn More…


Save time and money implementing marketing campaigns in less than an hour through simplified real estate marketing automation. Manage your brand, select from beautiful design templates and power your online and print campaigns all through one easy-to-use platform. Easily onboard agents and upload your custom Adobe InDesign templates. Also, Amarki integrates with all of your existing applications so don’t worry about having to learn a new system. Our in-depth marketing guides will empower your agents to achieve their goals and compete in the most difficult of markets. Learn More…


Onboard agents while supporting all of their marketing needs, and upload Adobe InDesign templates with ease. Team-wide designs allow everyone to better represent the brand while improving client engagement. Manage all of your existing applications under one platform with ease! Our powerful marketing guides provide expedited techniques to increase the return from all marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking to print signs or business cards, post to a website or social network, or even send direct mailers out to market for listings; Amarki has you covered! Learn More…


You’ve found the most effective use of your time for marketing, whether that be managing existing clients or acquiring new leads. Oh, and we make it so easy by allowing you to use your existing social networks, email and, applications. Amarki’s robust training platform will hone your skills to produce the most effective marketing campaigns while improving ROI. We have thousands of stylish and professional designs to choose from. Print, post, list, and direct mail your way to success through automation simplified! Learn More…

Launch an entire marketing campaign in under a minute!

Amarki Steps to Success


Fill out your account information, upload custom InDesign templates for your brand, and invite your entire real esate brokerage or company.  Then connect any listing service, your social media accounts, email, and more. Within minutes you’re ready to select your tools for success.

Step 1


Once you’ve setup your account you’ll have access to hundreds of design templates for everything from social media posts, direct mailers, business cards, yard signs and more. Our system then dynamically generates the content from your listings and profile information for you to customize as needed.

Step 2


Upon selecting your products, services, and designs, our system will then autogenerate marketing campaigns per your listings. In addition, any materials ordered through Amarki are priced to beat with top notch quality and expedited shipping available. Most products ship within 2 days upon ordering!

Step 3

Stop Wasting Valuable Time!

Amarki is a free to use platform with upgrades available to fit your needs.


We simply automate marketing using your existing applications. Everything connected under one platform.
Any time there is a new application that innovates or improves an aspect of your marketing campaign, we merely add an integration, continuously expanding what you can accomplish through Amarki.

We are able to recruit excellent agents and provide them with a tool that brings everything together.

Andre Nell

Owner, Halo Group

Amarki has freed our marketing efforts to respond to requests for new designs the same day. All Marketing products within the one system. We are also able to on board a new franchise within a day which is a huge improvement.

Todd Sumney

Chief Marketing Officer, HomeSmart

Questions? Contact us!

Questions? Contact us!

Questions? Contact us!